Circular Design Course Circular Economy

25 October - 29 November 2022

Weekly | Tuesdays (1630 CET) | Online




A series of workshops for the global cycling industry to improve the reuse, repair, and recycling of bikes, parts, and apparel, towards a circular economy.

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Cycling is more popular than ever before. It is the environmentally friendly alternative to carbon emitting modes of transport. At the same time, the environmental impact of the production processes, materials and waste has not been part of the long-term strategy of the cycling industry. 

Shift Cycling Culture is organising a Circular Design Course specifically for the global cycling industry to create a deeper understanding of the opportunities of the circular economy and make a start with actual projects to work on. Whether you are into bikes & parts or into apparel, this is a relevant course for you!

During the Circular Design Course, participants will develop circular business. Along the way, they will be helped by means of a facilitated design process with knowledge, tools and interaction with other companies and designers. Afterwards, you will have developed both a long-term vision and a concrete plan that you can put into action right away.

The CIRCO Method

The CIRCO method is based on an academic framework of the Technical University of Delft in The Netherlands called ‘Products that last,’ written by C. Bakker & M. den Hollander, ea. This framework explains five circular business models and six circular design strategies.

CIRCO expanded this framework with tools and insights, to make it even better suited to application in the business environment. The method offers concrete design tools. Inspiring cases & examples, and it offers trainer support & interaction.

Value proposition and peer interaction

The six-week course will explore the concepts of circular design, with participants identifying business opportunities and utilising circular design strategies to redesign their own company’s propositions, products, services, and business models. On leaving the course, participants will have developed a concrete Implementation Roadmap ready for implementation at their companies, resulting in tangible outcomes from the highly effective course. 

Participants will join other entrepreneurs, designers and industry professionals, learning to adapt the principal elements of circularity to their own organisations. While every company develops its own value proposition, the peer-to-peer discussions and knowledge sharing between companies has been cited as an incredibly valuable aspect of this course.



  • Six online sessions (three hours each) & two individual coaching sessions

  • Coursework between each session (expected 1-2 hours per week)

  • Total time investment approximately 30 hours


Delivery Method

  • Sessions will be hosted on Zoom

  • Exercises and activities are delivered via Mural 

Dates & Times

  • Tuesdays: Oct 25th, Nov 1st, Nov 8th, Nov 15th, Nov 22th, Nov 29th

  • Session times:

    • 1630-1930 (CET, Europe);

    • 1530-1830 (GMT, London);

    • 1030-1330 (EST, New York)*;

    • 0730-1030 (PST, Los Angeles)*

*Session times will change from Week 2 due to daylight saving timezone variations. A calendar invite will be sent for each session before the course begins.



  • €2,000 (ex VAT) per company of two participants


Number of Participants

  • 8-12 organisations (two participants per organisation)


A team of two

To make the most of this course, we recommend each company has two members of their organisation joining the sessions: a creative participant working in design/engineering to think out of the box, and one decision-making participant working in sales/marketing to move things forward.


Course Trainers

The Circular Design Course will be hosted by two experienced CIRCO trainers & cycling industry insiders, Erik Bronsvoort (Circular Cycling), and Twan van Welzenis (studioMOM).