Photo Petra Vroomen @heerlenfietst / #clunkersride 2018

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How can I join?

Pretty easy. You can either organise your own local Clunkers’ Ride (see below for more info) or join one in your neighbourhood. We will list all the local rides here, and via our social channels. There’s no entrance fee, just show sign up and show up. 


Organise your own Clunkers’ Ride

If you want to organise a local Clunkers' Ride, please register your ride via the button on this page or contact us via and we add your ride to the agenda! 

To make it even easier, we have created a little toolkit for you with 'how to's', tips and ideas to make it your own, as well as some materials to announce and share via your socials. DOWNLOAD HERE

Need some guidance or ideas?

Clunkers' rides are all about the love for cycling, not about the bikes we own. Bring out any bike you want: your former favourite, beaten up mtb, urban fixie or just that single bike you own that might become a clunkers' one day, get as many friends together as covid-restrictions allow and experience that newest isn't always best. 

Why a Clunkers' Ride?
2021 sees us in a unique position. 
Due to the global pandemic fast consumerism in cycling has lost its usual traction, simply because supply can't meet demand. Pretty much everything you want or need for your bike is hard to get your hands on.

What if we use this unprecedented moment of scarcity as an opportunity for change, and celebrate it instead?

Celebrating scarcity means honouring the aged and pre-owned. Nurturing what you have instead of longing for that N+1. Cherishing those scratches on your bike as they remind you of all the adventures you shared together. And if your journey with it ends, it could become the same to someone else.

The best thing is: using your stuff longer also reduces your impact on the places you love to ride.
One of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental impact is by using a product longer or extend its lifespan by sharing it with others when you are done with it.

How beautiful is that?

What is a Clunker and what if I don't own one?
The formal definition of a Clunker is 'a dilapidated, totally unsuccessful vehicle or machine'. But in the more practical sense: really just anything you like it to be.


Maybe bring out a bike you haven't used for a while but used to love. Or that beaten up city bike or rundown mtb. Or maybe you just have one single bike, that will become a future clunker at some point. Think of it as a mindset: an opportunity to look differently at the bikes you own, and how you treat them.