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About us

Let's set this straight: Shift Cycling Culture is not about us. It's for and from everyone within the culture of cycling who cares about the environment we all use as our playground. But we do feel it helps to show the amount of support that sits behind this initiative. 

We, as founders of Shift Cycling Culture, engaged industry members and avid cyclists ourselves, think it makes total sense to try and do things a bit different. A bit better. To shift how we make, buy and use everything we need to pursue the thing we love to do most: getting outside on two human-powered wheels. So we figured we might as well be the fire starters. 

Luckily we are not the only ones who think this way. Check out our projects or contact us and find out how to get involved yourself. 

Love where you ride? Act accordingly!

Lian van Leeuwen / initiator Shift Cycling Culture

Fiola Foley / Komoot

Alex Weller / Patagonia Europe

Staffan Widell / Ass Savers

Ken Bloomer / ENVE, Crema Cycles

Olaf Wit / WIT Industries

Sami Sauri / cyclist, independent filmmaker


We accelerate the shift to responsible production and use in the cycling world by telling inspiring stories, enabling collaboration, developing capability and supporting action on climate change.


Cycling has proven to be an innovative and forward-thinking industry.  Inside Stories shares inspirational stories from cycling companies that are trying to step up their game in reducing environmental impact. 


We can only shift cycling culture if you join the movement. Whether you are part of the industry or just a keen cyclist, check out our projects and see how you can get involved.


Shift Cycling Culture regularly hosts a variety of events on subjects relevant to cycling communities and brands interested in learning how to address environmental impact and work towards more sustainable business models.

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