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Shift Cycling Culture invites decision makers in the cycling industry for a two-day meetup in the heart of Europe to focus on the environmental role played by their brand.


Expect inspirational keynotes from experts, practical tools to share and grow, Q&A time with speakers, great local food and some beautiful rides around the area.

Shift Cycling Culture addresses the environmental impact of the cycling industry and community. Although work has been done, this conversation has not yet been brought to the forefront within this sector. While we as cyclists are so connected to the environment we ride in.
If we love where we ride, why don't we act accordingly?


Changing the conversation is of course not all. Although it is the first and foundational step towards a real shift, we as a community and industry must kick ourselves into action – even just to catch up with what is happening around us in other sectors.

Cycling has proven to be an innovative and forward-thinking industry.
Key is to apply these qualities to becoming a more sustainable one.


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