Help us shift.

Shift Cycling Culture is a non-funded, not-for-profit organisation. For now, solely driven by the voluntary actions and dedication of a few individuals. While we love what we do and believe in the power of grassroots change, getting our projects and campaigns off the ground does require some basic funding.  

Help us create a positive impact on the places we love ride.



Your donation will be used to create and host awareness campaigns, grow our community, cover organisational costs for events such as the Industry Meetup, and build strategic partnerships with businesses and branch organisations.


Organising your own fundraiser is a great way to help us create a positive impact. Ride a Gran Fondo with your friends, Gear Swap for cash or set up a local Cleanup Ride: anything goes.

Either donate what you raised directly to Shift Cycling Culture, or support a local cause you feel strongly about.

Would you like some tips? Get in touch! 


We know you love cycling. So do we. That's why we figured the best thing to offer you in return for your support is a decent view for those rare moments you

are not on your bike.  


Don't fancy a print but still want to support us?

Any donation is welcome, however small. 

Or check out other ways to give.