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We all have some of it. Perfectly fine cycling gear lying around that we don't use (any more).

What if we get all that together with some friends, music & drinks, and swap it?

Plastic and other non-biodegradable materials do not only end up in our oceans! Dedicate a ride to clean up your favourite local roads, climbs or trails.

With the support of some of the best cycling videographers of this moment the We Love Where We Ride-series celebrates the places we ride that are worth taking care of.

Clunkers' rides are all about the love for cycling, not about the bikes we own. Bring out your commuter, beaten up MTB, cargo bike, 90ies road bike or small town fixie, get some friends together and experience that newest isn't always best.

The documentary Cracked Earth captures the lives of three cycling communities in vulnerable areas around the world, where the effects of climate change are no longer a future threat but a daily reality. Expected release: Fall 2020

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