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The cycling industry has proven to be innovative and forward-thinking. Key is to apply these qualities to becoming a more sustainable one 


Shift Cycling Culture regularly hosts online Industry Meetups for cycling brands that are interested to learn how their business can address environmental impact and work towards more sustainable business models. 

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Shift's Climate Commitment for the Cycling Industry, instigated in 2021 by the members of the Shift CEO Forum, is an urgent appeal to acknowledge the cycling industry’s responsibility in reaching the UN Paris Agreement targets on Climate Change, and to do so collectively.

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New Course starts Autumn 2023

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A series of workshops for the global cycling industry, covering bikes, parts and apparel, to improve the reuse, repair, remanufacturing, and recycling of products for a circular economy.


The first Environmental Impact Cycling Barcamp (EICB) was held on Jan 27, 2023 in Amsterdam, bringing together environmental enthusiasts and experts from the cycling industry to interact, be inspirded and tackle some key issues facing the industry in a full one day program. 

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To help accelerate collective climate action in the global cycling industry and community, Shift is launching a film about the impact of climate change on the places we love to ride.

The film will premiere on different locations around the globe in March and April 2023.

Check for screenings or request to screen the film in your company or network here.


The Shift Industry Workspace aims to connect like-minded industry members and encourage sharing of knowledge and cross-company collaboration. Request access via:

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