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Our Mission


As cyclists, we are closely connected to the environment we ride in. But we seem to forget that everything we - as an industry and community -
make, distribute and consume has an impact
on that very nature we use as our playground.
It’s time to shift that. Time to change how we bring our products to life, and how we use and re-use them. Time to take better care of the places we love to ride in. Time to use all the innovative force of this industry to become a more sustainable one.
And it's certainly about time we start using the collective power of our cycling culture to take our own stand in addressing climate change.
Shift Cycling Culture aims to create awareness, spark conversations and support positive environmental actions to help materialise this shift.
We launch campaigns, organise events and set up pilot projects to inspire brands and the cycling community to start doing things differently. With more care, and less environmental impact.
We love where we ride. Let’s act accordingly!
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