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Over the last three years, Shift Cycling Culture has been driving and supporting climate action in the cycling world through creating awareness, building in-house knowledge and skills, and facilitating collective action.

We are seeing the signs that the shift we are after is starting to take shape. But we need to move further and faster. 

To keep on moving the climate agenda of the industry forward, we need your support as well. Become a Patron of Shift and join a group of like-minded companies who acknowledge that collective action is an essential part of the solution.

Through Patron funding in 2022/2023 we have moved from a purely volunteer-led initiative to hiring Sandra Brandt as Executive Director. Under this new lead we achieved a first step in scaling-up our activities.

Any cycling company or organisation can become a Patron, and there are no strings attached to a Patron commitment. The annual financial support is reviewed and decided upon an annual basis.

Get in touch with to discuss a Shift Patronage. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Shift Patrons in 2022/2023: