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The environmental crisis is no longer a future threat.
By now, climate change and nature loss are touching every aspect of human life - and the places we love to ride.


To overcome this truly existential crisis we need nothing less than a seismic change of systems. A revolutionary transition.

For many, that thought alone feels overwhelming. Systemic change seems slow. Chaotic. Daunting. And yes, it can be. But think about it: science, innovation, people. It’s all there.
We just need to mobilise it. And we happen to have history on our side.


Over the last 250 years, our world has seen major revolutionary system changes. While these transitions seemed unimaginable at the time, they all became the status quo within the timespan of just one generation.


The Industrial Revolution began in your great-grandparents’ lifetime.Technology and mass production accelerated in the 1920s: within your grandparent’s generation. The Digital Revolution started only 43 years ago.


Let our generation be the one that started the Climate Revolution.


One generation is all it takes.

Let’s get to work.

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