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A lot can change in just a few years’ time. 
The world was reminded of that through a global pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and during the record-breaking extreme weather events of the summer of 2022 – and 2023. The impact of climate change becomes more destructive and dramatic each year. We’ve experienced an increase of heatwaves, droughts, floods and severe storms on a global scale, with devastating effects on people, infrastructure and ecosystems.

And as cyclists, we see the landscape changing with it.

But these fast accelerating and undeniable changes should not paralyze us. 
Instead, they should be the ultimate catalyzer to finally kick ourselves from ambition into action. 

The objectives are there. The tools are there. The knowledge is there. No more excuses.

Read the Shift Impact Report 2022 > 2023 that outlines our achievements and milestones of 2022, some reflections on how we see the industry progressing in their climate journey, and how we will continue to catalyze and support the transition to a more sustainable cycling world in 2023 and 2024.

We love where we ride, let’s act accordingly.

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