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For many of us, being outside, riding our bikes, is a life essential. And yet we don’t take enough action to protect that outdoor space. 

While the bike is an amazing and low impact vehicle that will play an important role in future-proofing our cities, as stakeholders in a billion-dollar cycling economy we are also an intricate part of the problem. We extract, produce, consume and discard tons of resources every year, in pursuit of our shared passion: the bike.


While our impact is substantial, it also highlights our strength: we are a large, global community with the power to shift things around. By mobilising organisations and individuals alike, we can have a real impact in addressing this environmental crisis. Becoming the solution, instead of the cause. 


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“Limiting global warming to 1.5°C requires transforming almost all systems, from how we power our economy and build our cities to how we feed a growing population and manage our land. But these transformations are not occurring nearly fast enough.”
State of Climate Action 2022 – Systems Change Lab

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