Shift Clunkers' Ride 

New dates for 2021 will be announced soon





plural noun: clunkers

  1. a dilapidated vehicle or machine.

  2. a thing that is totally unsuccessful.

Clunkers' rides are all about the love for cycling, not about the bikes we own. Bring out your commuter, beaten up MTB, cargo bike, 90ies road bike or small town fixie, get some friends together and experience that newest isn't always best. Believe us: it will be fun - we've been there!

How can I join?

Pretty easy. You can either organise your own local Clunkers’ Ride (see below for more info) or join one in your neighbourhood. We will list all the local rides here, and via our Facebook-page. There’s no entrance fee, just show sign up and show up. 


Organise your own Clunkers’ Ride

If you want to organise a local Clunkers' Ride, please contact us via and we will send you a toolkit with templates to personalise your local event, and give some tips for side events to make it even more fun!

Why a Clunkers’ Ride?

By making people think about the age of their gear we want to spark discussions and make them question how they themselves consume and treat what they own. By asking around, you will find that many people actually do ride gear (and wear apparel) that is pretty new. That’s not a bad thing in itself: it is just interesting to question if you really needed a replacement for what you had before. Was it out of date, or just out of trend for instance? And if it’s broken: can it maybe be fixed, or upgraded? Perhaps it can dampen the appetite for new, new, new that we are fed with every day.


And that, my friend, is the whole point.

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