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Who is this for?
We’re inviting a select group of cycling Photographers, Illustrators, Filmmakers, Creative writers, Artists, Podcasters and Designers from our network. If you feel we’re missing someone who should be part of this, please reach out! 

Why should you join this Meetup? 
-    Because we love what you do - and hope you are willing to put some of that in practice to support
     Shift Cycling Culture and what we’re after
-    It might be a lovely opportunity to connect with other creatives and to have a fun (after)noon together,
     especially now we’re  all confined to our homes
-    There’s beer and pizza! (although you need to bring it yourself ;))

What do we ask of you?
-   2 hours of your time to join the Meetup
-   A few hours to create and share your work on a dedicated date
    This could be a creative post, a short video, an illustration, a photo + caption,
    created solo or in collaboration with someone else. A briefing will be shared during the Meetup!

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We think it’s about time we as a cycling community make a point of climate action. 

And we believe the creatives among us can help us drive that message home.


That means you. 

We therefore would love to invite you to our first online Creatives Meetup. 
Two hours of discussing life and where it’s heading, connecting, exchanging ideas

and drinking beers (or coffee) while we're at it. Outcome: a small something to be shared online.

5 – 7PM CET // 
4 – 6PM GMT // 9 – 11AM MST
BYOBP (Bring Your Own Beer & Pizza)
On Invitation Only



We love where we ride. Let's act accordingly.




Shift Creatives Meetup

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