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Shift Industry Hub

A growing number of cycling brands have been contacting us for guidance on how to reduce their environmental impact.


Let us start by saying: we don’t have the answers to that. Apart from the fact that it’s not our specialty: your business is, well.. your business.

It’s you that has the best insights in how you run your organisation and how your products or services come to life.


But there is one question we get asked most frequently: Where to start? We figured we at least might be able to answer that one.


The Shift Industry Hub is meant for cycling brands who are keen to analyse and reduce their environmental impact but lack the knowledge and manpower to figure it all out by themselves.


The Hub offers a closed space to centralise relevant information, link to helpful tools and initiatives, and share learnings with each other.

While Shift Cycling Culture will facilitate this space, the Hub is a self-sustaining platform. That said; we are happy to share all that we have learned along the way, as well as offer some insights from experts who actually do have answers.

Ready to join the conversation? 
Become a member of The Hub here >.

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