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Accell, Ampler, Canyon, QBP, Rose, Schindelhauer, Schwalbe, Scott,Trek join to tackle climate impact

October 10, 2023 - A group of companies in the cycling industry have come together to co-develop a Climate Action Training programme to drive down greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains. This initiative is co-facilitated by Shift Cycling Culture and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and hopes to create a blueprint for future collaborative projects of the industry.

The biggest part of the environmental impact of companies in the cycling industry comes from their supply chains. Up to 95% of a company’s carbon emissions take place when extracting, sourcing and producing bike materials and components. To tackle these emissions and support their business partners, companies have come together to co-develop a Climate Action Training.

The online training is aimed at suppliers of hard goods based in Asia and will be offered in several relevant Asian languages. The free course is targeted at top management and technical mid-management at factories to raise awareness on their critical role in achieving a net zero cycling world. The training will provide foundational knowledge on measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, how to set reduction targets and monitor progress, as well as relevant case studies of potential solutions to drive down emissions.

This initiative is facilitated by Shift Cycling Culture in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The development of the training program is led by Leadership & Sustainability who partners with Fischer, Knoblauch & Co to bring the digital learning expertise. The project partners Accell, Ampler, Canyon, QBP, Rose, Schindelhauer, Schwalbe, Scott and Trek will share their valuable insights and suppliers in the cycling industry will provide input throughout the development process to ensure the course reflects their operational realities.

The open source Climate Action Training will be launched in Q2/2024, when all companies in the cycling sector will be invited to use this course to engage and collaborate with their suppliers and to catalyse climate action across the industry.

This initiative builds on the success story of the Climate Action Training for the Fashion Industry that was co-developed by GIZ and the Fashion Charter for Climate Action in 2021. Until today, more than 10,000 learners took part in the training that is available in seven languages.

If your company is interested in inviting your suppliers and business partners to participate in the training once it is available in 2024, please sign up below and we will keep you informed about the development process.

A word from the initiators:

The industry we work in is full of enthusiasm and passion. We want to use this positive energy to actively drive change at our company and beyond towards more responsible business practices. As a company, we are constantly working on improvements with a strong focus on reducing CO2 emissions across scope 1, 2 and 3. At the same time, we know how utterly important it is to combine shared efforts in tackling climate change to achieve the biggest impact not only as a company but within the whole industry. Our collaboration with Shift Cycling Culture, GIZ and other players from the cycling industry and our commitment with the future-shaping climate action training underline our holistic approach. We highly appreciate the openness to work together and to share experiences to drive change together for the better. Nicolas de Ros Wallace – CEO, Canyon

To speed up our efforts in tackling climate change, companies have to work together to find effective ways to scale climate action where it matters most. The training for suppliers will not only be a great tool for the cycling industry to take important and impactful next steps in their climate journey, I am also convinced that this initiative is just the start to more collective action we will see across the industry. Sandra Brandt – Executive Director, Shift Cycling Culture

GIZ is proud to support the Climate Action Training as a project of shared responsibility between buyers and suppliers in the cycling industry to jointly tackle the climate crisis. It will be an effective and simple to use training tool to mainstream the knowledge about climate change not only on the buyers’ side but even more important on the supplier side where most of the emissions happen.”

Eike Feddersen – Senior Project Manager, IGS, GIZ


Shift Cycling Culture is a not-for-profit foundation aiming to accelerate collective climate action in the global cycling industry and community.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a public-benefit federal enterprise, supporting the German Government in achieving their objectives in international cooperation. The joint initiative is carried out by GIZ’s project Initiative for Global Solidarity (IGS) which supports the implementation of human rights and environmental due diligence (HREDD) in global supply chains.

Leadership & Sustainability (L&S) offers a broad and deep spectrum of Consulting, Empowerment, Supply Chain Services, Verifications and Trainings in the Sustainability area. L&S has global expertise and a worldwide network of more than 50 team members from various countries, e.g., Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Tunisia, Turkey and Vietnam.

Fischer, Knoblauch & Co (FKC) is the perfect partner to create the learning success in an innovative, digitised and dynamic way, in addition to the content and industry expertise provided by L&S. As a full-service agency, FKC produces everything in-house, from the initial concept idea to media implementation and the finished product.


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