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Spend your time on things that matter,

spend your cash on businesses that care,

use your vote

One of the biggest questions we all seem to have in working towards a sustainable future is how we as individuals can contribute.


In order to create a future in line with Earth's planetary boundaries, we need huge steps on a global scale. We need commitment from governments, businesses and society as a whole.

But where do we as individuals fit in, looking at the scale of challenges we are dealing with? Small personal actions as refusing a plastic bag, eating less meat, flying less or swapping some gear can feel insufficient, even futile. 

And as standalone actions they are. 

What we need is systemic change. Although that might seem daunting, each of us is able to contribute to that. 



By spending our time on things that matter, spending our cash on businesses that care, by using our vote. By not focusing on the actions of peers, but on the actions of institutions that can force a real transition.

Like it or not, that is how change works. It's messy, chaotic and never straightforward. It's hard to recognise until it is there.

Change is a muddy pool on the side of the road. Trampled by uncaring bulldozers, trodden by ignorant passersby. But add enough drops of rain to it and it starts flowing. Running into other muddy streams, forming a river, meandering its way into our collective conscience.


Until what looked unthinkable seems reasonable, and even logical all of a sudden.


Until it becomes the status quo. 


Inspired to get involved? Check out our projects:
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