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About the Film

Cracked Earth captures the lives of cyclists worldwide, living in areas where climate change is no longer a future threat, but a daily reality.

A reality highlighting how global and interlinked these seemingly local effects are - and how urgent the crisis is we're facing.


As cyclists we all share a love for the bike. But we also share this global, existential challenge.

Climate change and biodiversity loss are having a devastating impact on the outdoor spaces we use as our playground. 


Film can be a powerful tool to share this message and engage people in positive climate action - in your local community, company network or at an event you are involved with.  

Learn what you can do as an individual or a business leader here, or host a screening.


A special thank you goes out to our supporting partners who helped us realise this project:

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Flims LAAX  // Crank Communication

And our amazing community members who backed the Cracked Earth crowdfunding. 


Director / Producer |  @saltlake_lian / salt lake productions

DOP | Robijn Voshol / STANDBY3

Editor | Kees Riphagen

Overall support| Jelle Mul

Color grading | Maurice Leentvaar

Sound mixing | Henk Jelle de Groot / Any Colour You Like


Featuring, a.o.:
Sarah Hammond, Ryan Flinn | Curve Cycling Crew // Anita and Caro Gehrig | Norco Twins Racing Team // Mitch Docker & Lachlan Morton | EF Education First Pro Cycling // Rik Fulcher | AusCycling, National team Manager Australian Cycling Team // Sadie McEvoy | Researcher Climate Adaptation Planning at Deltares // Jorrit Kiewik | Director Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) // Matthias Huss | Glaciologist & Senior Researcher ETH Zurich, and more.

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